Learn About the Ways on How to Relax After Having a Rough Day

Anything, like an event or thoughts that can make an individual feel nervous, frustrated, angry or upset is called as stress. Stress is said to be harmful to an individuals health if it last for a long duration of time which may lead to anxiety, but it can also be a normal and positive feeling if its only for a short period and can help a person avoid any danger. The most common factors that can develop stress to a person include problems at work, moving, money problems, getting married or divorced, getting laid off from work, starting a new job, death of a spouse or close family member, retiring, having a serious illness and problems at home.

It is no doubt that a lot of people are experiencing stress, especially after having a rough day, and because of that people have conducted researches and studies that can help the people to manage the feeling of being stressed out. There are basically a lot of ways that can help you manage or handle stress, and some of this ways can easily found on the internet through a website article. Listening to music, using a Juul, getting some exercise, taking a nap, and eating some good food are the five most common tips that can help an individual overcome stress. Listening to some great music can provide you lots of benefits, such as it can help you calm down, it can produce amazing effects on your mood, and it can change your mindset. Using a Juul is more recommended whenever you feel like turning to regular cigarettes or vape during stressful moments, and the best flavors to choose from are the ones that can be soothing like menthol and vanilla. Getting some exercise, such as light jogging and walking, is also being advised to relieve stress because it can boost your serotonin level and help the endorphins from flowing, thus it can help de-stress your mind. Having a power nap is also another way to relieve yourself from stress and that is because it can help you gain new perspective and can help calm your nerves down. Eating some good and healthy foods like dark chocolate, nuts, fruits and veggies is also being recommended for stress-relief, and that is because it can give you lots of benefits on your body, such as reducing tiredness, more energy and boosts ones mood. There are basically a lot of articles about such topic that are being posted on the internet, and the people who wants to gain more information about this may check it through the use of their favorite search engine.

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A Clear Guide on how to Ensure your Business Safety from Burglary

A company should always run normally for it to make progress. As a manager of a business, it is essential to avail all the necessary parameters which will help your business continue being operational. The security of your business is very crucial in making your business objectives a reality. It is advisable to go to the online platforms which will give you insight on the ways to ensure your business. Strategizing on the business safety during the first stages of your business will be significant in counteracting the theft cases in your company.

It is crucial to make sure you go for security assistance from the security companies which will are proficient. You should use the practical and recommendable strategies in boosting the security for your business. Through this article, I will offer you the ultimate guide which you can use to promote high-security levels in your business. First and foremost, make sure that in your company, there is a formality which workers follow. As a company director, you should always have a website which will have written rules which your employees should follow. The following of the code of behavior will help your company avoid channels which will compromise your business security.

Secondly, always get the right equipment you need to beef up security at your business. This Company which will have the right security equipment will be significant in giving you the tools which are durable. The availability of the security items such as the cameras will help you monitor all the operations at your business premises. It is important always to take your security staff to security training sessions to sharpen their skills more.

Thirdly, it is important to make yourself cognizant to the resources you have. Thus, still, be active in the keeping of records exercise in any business operation. By accounting for every transaction, you will have an easy time in spotting any variation in the records hence will know a theft when it takes place. These accounting service providers will be vital in giving you a picture of your financial position as a business.

You should make sure that you keep in mind all the necessary online protection approaches. It is crucial to always put in place safety measures which will keep off hackers. It is important to make sure the website for your business are distinct such that your customers cannot land in the websites. It is always good to approach these companies which are excellent in rendering the advisory services regarding the web security aspects. The networking company with high expertise levels will help you adapt to healthy practices in the Wi-Fi networks.

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Benefits of an Online Marijuana Dispensary

Some years back, cannabis was illegal and it could not be found easily. Be advised that you can buy cannabis from online stores very quickly.Numerous individuals are buying weed online because it is not stressful. Note that people love it because it is the best method and you can use it to get your weed read more here. Here are the merits of online marijuana dispensary discover more here view here for more.

The finest thing about the online marijuana dispensary is that you can stay at home and order it from your kitchen as you prepare your food learn more here. It is crucial to keep in mind that there are very many people who cannot get out of their homes because of their sickness but the best thing is that they can order their cannabis from an online marijuana dispensary read more here. Be advised that they can only get their medical marijuana by purchasing from an online marijuana dispensary. Note that even if you live in the city, you can still do your orders online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep view here for more.

The biggest benefit of an online weed dispensary is that you can order marijuana secretly and no one will know about it. Remember that you just have to buy your favorite and it will be wrapped nicely and then delivered to you in a very short time and your neighbors won’t know a thing.

Bear in mind that the online weed dispensary has a wide variety of products and you only need to choose what suits you. Note that the online marijuana dispensary is the best because you will not fail to get what you want. The stress of thinking of how you will get the products of your choice will be no more click here.

Another huge benefit of the online weed dispensary is that very Ill patients can order marijuana online. Note that there are people who suffer from chronic diseases, others from depression and anxiety and leaving the house is a major issue. It is crucial to keep in mind that this is why an online marijuana dispensary is the favorite of many find more info here.

Keep in mind that an online marijuana dispensary has the best rates and their products are not expensive. You should not forget that an online marijuana dispensary is the best because you will buy your medicine at pocket friendly prices.It is essential to note that you will be able to save a lot of cash and time when you buy your medicine from an online marijuana dispensary. You ought to note that some online marijuana dispensaries sell products that are not good and you need to take your time to look for a good one. Be advised that those close to you will help you to locate the best online marijuana dispensary. It is highly advisable that you take a lot of precautions so that you don’t fall victim to fraudsters on the internet.

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Considerations to Make When Buying a Snowball Thrower

There is not something much you can do during winter because of the snow but you can still have a lot of fun if you choose to do it, even in the snow.Children get more excited when it comes to the winter season because they can play around with the snowballs. They get excited because they know how to be creative when it comes to playing with snow.

One of the most popular games that they engage in is throwing snowballs at each other or on a specific target. Throwing snowball is a very great game, but it has some negative impact because it can make the hands numb and very cold which is not healthy. The best thing is that you don’t have to suffer a lot because you can invest in snowball thrower’s because these devices can protect your hands. Snowball throwers can be made at home but also you can buy these devices from the shops.Given in this article are some tips to help you purchase snowball thrower.

It is very important that you research before you can purchase the snowball thrower. When you research, you get the relevant info that broadens your thinking on different aspects to consider when you purchasing their snowball thrower making the buying experience great. The best thing is that you are friends and relatives and also neighbors who have purchased the snowball throwers before and you can engage them for referrals. Also, you can choose to record the comfort of your home if you have access to the Internet because you can get a lot of info there.However, if you have a lot of time, you can walk around visiting different shops as you will shop before you can make the decision to buy the snowball thrower.

It is important to consider the dealer to engage for the snowball thrower. There are many advantages of purchasing the snowball thrower from the physical stores.For instance, visiting the stores gives you the opportunity to buy and instantly carry the product with you without having to wait for someone to bring it to you. There are online dealers selling snowball throwers engaging them can be very convenient because you can do it in the comfort of your home.In case you want to purchase the snowball throwers from an online dealer, it is important that you consider many factors such as the one that can offer you free delivery services because it will minimize your costs.

The snowball thrower will cost you some money, it is important that you plan for that. If you are considering buying more than one, it is important that you engage a dealer that can sell you also prices.

The church is God’s community; it is a spiritual community of faith with mandate to represent a persons vision of God that is known. Through this spiritual community, God would like to reach out towards the secular community. We are to evangelize the town towards God. This is our first assignment to preach repentance. And then demonstrate the diakonos and apostolic mandate. Acts6:1-8.We are to minister to the entire man, we must provide life coaching. The only institution containing answers for dying world may be the church. We are God’ stewards.

Stewardship becomes necessary in our communities. Who is a steward? A steward is anyone convicted of a responsibility to consider good care of this which is not his / her hence liable to offer a full account of their stewardship ” It is necessary that a steward be found faithful”1 corinthians4vs2. Every steward is accountable to your one who appointed him or even his master, in this instance a nation and it is natural or savings are God’s property and folks are God’s creation. We are convicted of responsibility and duty whether as politicians, clergymen, community leaders or traditional leadership to Manage, Develop and Preserve what God has produced.

Two words will repeatedly turn out whenever you discover the word stewardship in a context,” Responsibility” and “accountability” We are to preserve the united states from spiritual,morally,economical and social corruption and contamination in any respect. We are to deal with, develop and preserve the national, social economical, spiritual and public affairs and properly manage the national resources, national investments, and national treasury. We employ a duty and responsibility to enhance the social, economical and moral standards of the communities as church leaders. it’s unfortunate which the church avoided anything involving community.

Ungodly people corrupt society, Corruption is definitely sin and gross wickedness which delays the social, political, economical and spiritual progress of your country. When a nation denounces the authority of God and godly principle of governance a seed of decay and erosion of morality, justice, peace, integrity plus the fear of God occurs. This will lead a nation in to a serious social and moral breakdown beyond human comprehension.


Community leadership is ordained by God but not by man, according to your book of Romans13:1 their government and it is citizens has responsibility towards one another and also towards God as being the creator and owner of everything. Every one must treat national duty and national leadership as sacred God is anxious how we rule and the way we govern his people, though in modern society we may have different types of systems nevertheless the final account will be presented to God. The rule of God through Godly leadership by prophets or priest or clergy is termed a theocracy.

In sense at all man should be governed particularly if man rejects God Why?, If man isn’t governed by anything we intend to face chaos.1Timothy1vs8-9 Democracy itself isn’t a biblical system or order nevertheless the word government has repeatedly appeared within the scriptures Romans13:2. While democracy may be the work of person through philosophy and politics, government and authority ids ordained by God. Legend politician Margret Thatcher once admitted within a public speech that “We cannot allow it to be without religion” What she meant was we cannot ensure it is without God; A godless society is surely an evil society.

In most case inside Bible the kings of an nation through their leadership made the continent to sin, this can be even now Bad leadership,


We are charged and mandated by God as Christians to preserve the united states from moral catastrophe even as we see people departing each day from what exactly is right to pursue their lewd emotions, sinful ambitions and ungodly personal agendas and self gratification which indeed would be the cult of self worship and Gnosticism. People will always seek different procedure by which they can find meaning thus to their lives, fulfill their particular lives and also be happy as individual but all we go to is more confusion and human complication. Commonly this is accomplished in seven categories

We use a duty as being a church to complete the following thing in your nations.

1. Give spiritual guidance.

2. Give prophetic direction, a nation with out a prophetic voice and also a prophetic direction is doomed.

3. Preserve, develop and manage our nations for God. The first responsibility God gave man was to consider care from the earth also to rule more than everything he created on the planet. We need to are aware that nature preservation is God’s will for man. We need for taking care individuals natural resources, our overall health, our jobs, our surroundings etc.

4. Be exemplary on the circular an entire world of ungodly people and political leaders.

5. Be a trusted institution where both society and our government will go to for spiritual direction and solutions.

6. To disciple our nation for Christ following great commission from the book of (Mathew 28vs19).

7. To pray and intercede for the nations according to your book of (1Timothy2vs2-4). We need to get special and specific prays for that national leaders and pray on their behalf instead of cursing them when we’re to live peaceable lives.

8. Be a socially and spiritually relevant corporate body of Christians.

9. Keep our national spiritual gates through radical and aggressive spiritual warfare and intercession.

Providing Godly national leadership isn’t going to only mean becoming g a President of your country however it means is that you may provide godly leadership in whichever environment God has place you in.It can be in a very civil society, NGO, Church organisation, CBO, UN agency or maybe a government department. God demands that people bring fruit and good results in which ever place he’s place d us in.

You generally is a civil servant say for example a policeman or maybe a teacher or possibly a Member of Parliament or simply a cabinet minister. You must prove competency and integrity as being a Christian that will be the first step into providing Godly and spiritual leadership. You presence as being a Christian should command respect in all of the these institutions. Community leadership won’t start from the most notable though in record maybe in theory it can do but in practice it starts on the grass root people who work directly with issues and folks at walk-out. As Christians we should treat our jobs or employment as sacred plus a stewardship which we’ve got received from instead of just a way of earning an income. As a Christian your labour in everything isn’t in vain, its either it’s going to bring good fruit or bad fruit so take care how you labour.

If your labour is good it’ll definitely promote community development, preservation of or society and environment and proper therapy for God’s creation.


It’s inspiring to determine churches from the west and also other developed countries emerge to handle issues pertaining to societal and community affairs. Africa remains to be struggling to seek out means and chance to respond to your social ills in society. Biblically based help and Christ centered programs targeted at helping town must be designed from your theological, spiritual and biblical standpoint. For example, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol and drug recovery programs has to be part in the church’s mission statement. These programs form section of what ministry is. Ministry has become relevant to people in need of funds and afflicted.

Spiritual guidance is important to help shape society and offer solid spiritual and moral foundation. Where may be the church amidst these social ills and realities of waking time? The church must reconsider it’s role in shaping the destiny of society; otherwise posterity will judge the church harshly

The church for an agency of God that is known has a clear mandate and responsibility to discover permanent and true answers to human predicaments. Armed with the saying of God and God’s anointing, the church is competent to handle substance abuse effectively, a possible problem faced is little or insufficient emphasis. The church’s training agencies overlooked this portion of spiritual and social training or skill.

The church is strategically positioned that is known to manage spiritual and social ills. Therefore, it is not within the interest of the church to condemn and shun on the problems affecting the broader society. The church cannot condemn drug abuse, if from the meantime it’s doing nothing to avoid or address the issue. To show that this institution from the church isn’t tailored towards addressing this matter, we have now no systems and programs built to tackle the issue.

We have inadequate people to cope with the problem. All fit in the what is known as pastoral duties. In my opinion, the church should have spiritual practitioners who’re skilled with both spiritual and social skills to handle the problem. Those affected by abusing drugs should view the church as being a place of safety and help but not a place the spot that the stigma is rife as well as its peak.

If the church is truly a revolutionary sort of institution, called to foment a social revolution by promoting justice, lifting in the sanctity of human life, fighting to the underdogs and challenging the prevailing value system in your world, the idea seems we should be outside in front on social issues which affect humanity

It’s clear that this church has seriously neglected this portion of the gospel. The church’s respond to matters of social dysfunctions such drug use and HIV/AIDS is quite much needed and fall within divine jurisdiction and mandate of disciplining the people with the kingdom of God. Failure to interact to such difficulties with urgency implies the church has lost its purpose and relevancy to society.

Salt is a useful one. But if the salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall you choose seasoned? It’s neither fit to the land, nor with the dunghill; but men cast out. He which has an ear to listen to; allow hear. Luke14:34-35

The church then must with open hands facilitate the healing, deliverance and rehabilitation process. Such a process can through warmly receiving persons who will be struggling with addiction in to the family of believers without judgment and stigma. I believe new birth does correct an individual’s moral and spiritual life.

The greater calling of Christianity should be to serve the church and society around us. Some may serve God inside a more submissive way plus some may decide to serve God in society using a more aggressive role. Such type of aggressive role can include taking on national and political leadership. Other Christian’s heart motivation would be to be way makers, trend setters and pace setters.

It’s not against your message of God for just a Christian to obtain influence inside the areas of national leadership and political platform and disciple the nations for God we are arrested for greater responsibility and divine mandate to advocate for truth, uprightness, justice, integrity, morality and fair play within our corrupted society.

Fruitfulness inside lord goes past just preaching the gospel to win souls however it includes creating a positive contribution towards our society and promoting the kingdom individuals God. So our vocations are section of the greater plan of God for the lives and calling. God wants us to offer beyond church borders and get in touch with mankind. Ministry is larger than what we’ve made out of it, it goes past church walls.

I personally find nothing wrong with Christians being associated with community affairs. I encourage Christians for taking up political positions because that maybe what God designed for man, to possess dominion and rule that is known with fear and apology. Nations are our responsibility to govern; it’s our stewardship to try and do so. Discipling the nations for God is the main greater calling and stewardship in the church.

And God said we will make man inside our image, after our likeness and hand them over dominion over Genesis 1vs26
And God blessed them and God said unto them be fruitful and multiply, and replenish our planet and subdue it and also have dominion. Genesis1vs28

The very best in us need to be realized and properly released in our generation. Our communities lack spiritual leadership to disciple them for God. Lack of correct teaching inside the areas of business, politics, governments, education, community and vocation makes the church despise and withdraw through the very and many important institutions of society where God wants us for being productive and take charge.


Desiring to offer at national level maybe in political leadership can be quite prophetic and apostolic. These functions are apostolic mandates. This form of leadership is revolutionary and transformational.

In my examination of what we should ascertain or ascribed as doctrine, I have realized nothing biblically and spiritually wrong with politics, but what I have discovered are bad politicians. So in my opinion, political leadership occupied by Christians will not be forbidden in scripture but it really is considered as stewardship of nation.

It’s only dogmatic theology, conservative theology and religiosity which discourage this sort of Christian involvement and responsibility. All great men of God inside the old times both inside the bible and our nation played a part inside political establishment and liberation individuals countries.

Great men of God inside the bible including kings, levites, priests, judges and prophets were spiritual leaders who played part in self confidence and community leadership at society. They took the voice of God in all of the spheres of life. They represented the interests of God as touching the nations. They radical and drastically took part within the affairs with the nations as ambassador of God People that are reformers within our society tend to possess a prophetic spirit or flow within themselves.


For a very long time, Christians whether protestant, Pentecostal, catholic and charismatic have debated the matter of politics and business. Many suggest a complete separation of Christians from politics and business why? Politics and business are secular and with the devil. Such mentality, attitude and poor theology is responsible for that careless development of poverty amongst Christians along with the body of Christ on the whole.

Further such would be to be blamed for gross wickedness and corruption from the political arena. As the church was retreating from business and politics evil advanced and took over society. We must believe that business, money and politics are sacred and corresponding to ministry and require stewardship. Poor theology has misinformed, brain washed and misguided many Christians compared to that money is evil, business on the devil, politics is unappealing and dirty.

My question are going to be if money, politics and business are evil? Don’t you think employment itself is likewise evil and will be abandoned? Some Christians be employed in companies which conduct business which just isn’t even backed up by scripture, some work with governments which can be led by politicians. Honestly we should accept that politics, business, entertainment, education form part of the economies. The level of lack and poverty amongst Christians has carelessly grown to the present extent due on the following factors;

1. We removed covenant blessings from the times
2. We advocated sacred /secular split
3. We withdrew from secular (politics, business, education, heath care treatment and entertainment.
4. We gave the secular up to evil
5. We interpreted the bible such as to promote fear, gloom and escapism
6. We accepted the vision of people as receivers, tails, borrowers and underdogs and ran to hid.
7. We prophesied gloom and doom and waited to the take over on the enemy.

The secular is darker because light was withdrawn as a result as Christians retreated.

Is politics evil? It’s really not easy to prove from scripture that politics is evil. But what I are finding is that God doesn’t have a problem with politics but he’s a issue with evil, corrupt and bad politicians’ bad governments and bad political systems. Just like money and business, what exactly is wrong is the thing that people do with their funds; money isn’t evil alone but can cause you to perform good or evil.

For example, with money I can decide to buy food for the kids or I can buy cocaine drugs for my very own destruction. Same with politics I can choose to offer people and the town I represent or choose being a liar and also a corrupt leader. What is wrong is the thing that people do in politics.

Any politicians that have not God’s interest and peoples interest eventually becomes self serving and self seeking or power hungry resulting from the abuse of power, citizen rights, public money and also the opportunity given him through the electorate.

A need to lead in a political capacity isn’t a sin but such responsibility is sold with great demands greater prices for being paid notably if you are a Christian.

Leadership is just not pride but an ordination of God, through these avenues God really wants to disciple the nations through his children. We need to disciple our nations for God but not to give the offending articles to Satan.

When the righteous rule people rejoice, but once the wicked rule people mourn Proverbs29vs2 (KJV)

We should consider the voice of God into business arena and we’re going to be shocked once we realize the effectiveness of anointed business ideas and decisions.

Secular work, ministry, charity, politics and business are sacred before God, so Christians must work their jobs and conduct business with the identical passion and commitment as provided to ministry.

The church should be positioned for taking God’s voice into all spheres of life i.e, arts, politics, medicine, education, justice etc.

The increasing financial lack and burdens inside the body of Christ hinder the progress and delay the continuing development of many Christian churches.

Incubating our congregation operational, financial, political and investment incubators will expand our influence and paradigm for achievement. Spiritual leaders in addition to their followers are supposed being financially and spiritually prosperous once we represent the blessings with the lord”

Biblical economics demands that most Christians associated with business must acknowledge that God’s creativity guides the righteous operational. Further, employers who’re Christians should pay fair wages for their employees and pay bonus or increase wages for surge in production and contribution towards the business.

Making new friends can be quite a tricky process. When we first meet a new person, we regularly get the advice to adhere to secure small talk conversations. We are told that any of us should never discuss controversial topics for instance religion or politics with others we have just met. Either of those two topics may lead to a bitter argument if both individuals are passionate about their differing perspectives. You can easily destroy all chances at the friendship when you discuss controversial topics to soon.

Is it always true that individuals should never raise up the topic of politics with someone we now have just met? Is it possible to build a good friendship or romance which has a person in the event you hate their political beliefs? What in case you are interested in someone, however, you hate their politics? Should you limit your friendships and relationships to the people who share your political views?

Today in lots of countries, politics is now very intense, and differing political views can spark a powerful argument.

In spite in this, counsel to avoid all discussion of politics with normal folks that you don’t know well is not always necessary.

For example, many times yourself at the political convention flanked by thousands of folks you have no idea, yet you’ll have a good possibility of having great political discussions with anyone of which. It’s very feasible that most of the people you meet at this kind of event will adore having political conversations along.

There’s another time you could want to raise up politics immediately, even though you may don’t know how a other person will react. You might be among those people who takes politics so seriously you do not want to get to learn a person slowly and simply later determine that their political beliefs don’t suit your own.

In a real case, you would possibly prefer to have your political discussions instantly so that you decide whether you want to invest longer in this person.

Most individuals are not that extremely interested in our politics, yet politics really has the potential to get rid of up relationships, specially in the early stages.

That’s why were usually advised back off from discussing politics until we know anyone better.

Many those who have quite strong political opinions also dislike any those who have a differing perspective. They will not be willing to be tolerant of individuals with other political views. This makes it tough to make bonds of friendship or love if the body else has different political beliefs.

Still, a number of people have were create successful friendships and marriages though both folk have differing political views. How do they manage this? It’s very likely that those that have differing political viewpoints can certainly produce a successful friendship if neither ones are very enthusiastic about politics.

Before you decide to raise up the topic of politics which has a person you have no idea of well, exactly how you will react if this turns out that their mindset is the complete opposite of your own. Then consider whether you imagine it’s worth a chance.

In some instances, people who have very different political opinions find a way to stay pals or even have happy marriages given that they actually would delight in having passionate arguments about politics. They have enough respect for each and every other that they’ll overlook their differences. In other cases, friends with different perspectives simply decide to protect yourself from any political discussions altogether.

O P Bhatnagar is just about the most leading voices of Indian English poetry whose collections Thought Poems (1976), Feeling Fossils (1977), Angels of Retreat (undated), The Audible Landscape, Oneric Visions, Shadows in Floodlight (1984) and Cooling Flames of Darkness (2001) bespeak of political consciousness with the poet. As it is clear fact that Indian English poetry will never stay away in the socio-political atmosphere of India and poets that do not write within single formula but instead start a dialogue between ‘man and man’ so Bhatnagar too works with a amount of issues of our own society and politics. Dr. A.N. Dwivedi comments:

“Bhatnagar’s poetry comprehends a terrific variety of themes which directly pinpoint the long ness of his experience plus the solemnity of his involvement within the affairs of life.” (CIE217)

Bhatnagar’s tackling of political theme is a bit more firm and greater than any other Indian English poet for she has touched most of the aspects of political scenario. Dr.V.K.Singh observes:
“We see in Bhatnagar a frank analysis on the facts of recent life. Bhatnagar descants upon myriad areas of political life as existing currently. No salient feature escapes his keenly discerning eye. Bhatnagar rips open the bosom of varied political riddles. He mirrors before us what’s what of political problems.” (152)

Themes like election, bribery, corruption, criminalization of politics, rampant bribery on the list of leaders degrading character of national leaders, division of society by communalism, castism, linguism, and regionalism etc along with the utter decrease in values in politics are touched from the poet inside a remarkably sensitive and superbly sarcastic way which can be still not being surpassed by any poet of Indian English Poetry. His assertion that ‘Indian Poetry in English must be Indian’ can not be overlooked as we aspire to promote Indian Literature. Merely copying and handling the English and English Literature is insufficient because Indian sensibility isn’t suffering while using penury of thoughts, emotions and sensibility and also, since it has its own foundation vitality and voice of potentiality. Dr. R.C. Sharma is appropriate when he admits that:

“The reason Bhatnagar advocates making Indian Poetry in English is beset with conflicts and concerns; these conflicts and concerns are simply Indian. Bhatnagar is conscious with the milieu when the Indian poet in English lives as well as in the duty that your Indian poet in English should perform.”(79)

O.P.Bhatnagar has dealt with numerous themes like social consciousness, political awareness, love, nature, philosophy and Indianness. According to Dr. A. N. Dwivedi:

Bhatnagar’s poetry comprehends an incredible variety of themes, which directly pinpoint the largeness of his experienceand the solemnityof his involvement from the affairs of his life. (CIE,217)

In in this way Bhatnagar understands the tempo and temperature of his times and accordingly orchestrates his poetry. Bhatnagar’s handling the theme of politics is myriad and real. The various social points that agitate the conscience of human are the subjects of his poetry and hubby tries to throw a large amount of light on these. S.C.Bose observes:

“The poetry of O.P.Bhatnagar containing indeed many dimensions can also be significant as poetry of political consciousness.” (V. V., 29)

The frank analysis from the fact of latest life, and also the picturesque delineation make his poetry vibrant and appealing. According to Bhatnagar:

“Most with the vital areas with the life today are governed because of the quality of political life and atmosphere are creating and living. Politics today has replaced our religious mode of life. We are fast-becoming concerned with a sort of nationalism which will define our role and responsibilities within the making with the destiny of the Nation from now on.” (RC, ‘Introduction’, 8)

According to Bhatnagar:

Indian poetry in English should primarily concern to social and political life on the people of India plus it, ‘must democratize its concerns and relations to society and produce it an origin of shared expectations…it requires to throw light for the degeneration and corruption corroding identities. It must speak from the total lose of moral values, the gloom plus the frustrations pervading the National scene.” (RC, ‘Introduction’9)

Poetry for Bhatnagar can be a constant search as well as to symbolize for the better socio-political life .to him, it can be ‘a nervous craft shaped and reshaped by constant practice-refined and retouched by way from the vision. Like life itself, it can be the work of the gardener who after removing all weeds cultivates it to final growth and flowering. As such there isn’t a influence from a particular psychology on his poetry. It is entirely his own- a private experiment inspired by surroundings, ages, times and more importantly by human predicament.

The first assortment of Bhatnagar Thought Poems (1976) has great deal of poems of political consciousness. The poems abundant in thought content lack in emotion like this of romantic poets even so the first poem on the collection realizes this the process of poetic creation. Bhatnagar writes:

“Poetry’s meaning
Like a deity in enshrined
Words upon words, the edifice build.” (T.P, 5)

Bhatnagar throws ample light about the question concerning God who can not be resolved outside in going across the temple through the worshipper. God can be a meaning and deity enshrined in words of poem, the artist alone can expound and seek Him out:

“We might have to go round and throughout the temple
Yet do not be around God.
We might have to go round and rand an idea
Yet not be around a perception.” (ibid. 5)

In certainly one of his poems, he predicts the near future as gloomy as being the present:

“The future looks faded
Like the blossoms of cacti after dawn
The saints from bars, brothels and night clubs
Tasting of casinos and underworld
Turn morals, values and virtues to ice-cream
Licked by fun loving childness in cones.” (T.P, 10)

In the poem ‘The new Scale’ Bhatnagar efforts to strike balance between one man’s meat is an additional man’s poison. The poet finds the dictum worn out from the modern context ‘a basic and honest man measures life in value spoons as they finds dishonesty for being the meanest means of life’. The stark reality of life is visible as:

“A simple, honest man
In a broken down mode
May still himself find
Measuring life in value spoons
Bribery, corruption and forgery

For him, a bitter poison be.” (T.P., 12)

Bhatnagar needs to opine the one’s who amass wealth would be the little nervous about the interest because of their fellow beings, nor will they feel any immorality in acting quite up against the code of conduct. In another poem ‘A Woe of Wonder’, Bhatnagar expresses our sentiments and helpless attitude. The poet regrets the diversity, disintegration the country possesses today. The emphasis on the poet are few things but Nationality, one sentiment the other attitude. This idea is penned through the poet as:

“Our is really a multiheaded country
Looking in no particular direction
Trimurti is a brand inclusive vision
From here to eternity risen
Telling the tale of our own frivolity.” (T.P., 14)

Similarly inside poem ‘The Bonds of Country Care’ the poet comments around the loyalty and patriotism of such Indians who had been amassing vanity, wealth and arrogance by their services on the countries this agreement they have immigrated. These so named loyal citizens and tireless patriots visit India for own cause:

“Loyal citizens satisfied with patriots
Never ignore the care with their country
And fly back from time for you to time
Either to pick a bride just like a prince
Or buy of ones country a jewel of any land
Placing their kingdom inside a safety of bands
Sealed using the loyal assurance that has a wink
That while they don’t remain in this country
It sure is assigned to their empire.” (T. P., 15)

The second collection Feeling Fossils in addition has some poems of political interest. Bhatnagar despite treating the politics inside an indirect manner hardly ceases to pin point very uncommon phenomena that somehow remain hidden from your eye of even whoever has specialized inside game of politics. ‘Crossing The Bar’ is realistic poem that lashes within the modern politicians. His comment for the modern politicians may be valued at quoting:

“Morals as dense
As thick forests
Let no light in;
The game is weird
Hunting loyalties
For romance.” (F.F, 16)

Another notable poem ‘The No Man’s Land’ expresses the concept freedom has taken no racial change inside the life in the people who will be still living the dark dungeon of poverty, illiteracy and justice. The movement of liberation was raised because of the masses but only few privileged men came to control. And when the efforts and sacrifices with the masses resulted success those privileged few captured thrown with the country and continued ruling within the nation in the garb of democracy. So the poet feels right:

“Before the British came
The land had not been ours:
After they left,
It had not been ours too
The land belongs
To people who rule;
The others merely inherit
The no man’s land.” (F.F., 19)

The third collection Angles of Retreat has several thought provoking poems the place that the poet explores this is of time out of the box evaluated on the events emerging from your cave of materialism wedded to hypocrisy. The tone with the poet in this particular collection is satiric and ironical. In the poem ‘History is A Sorry go round’ the poet needs to propound how the historians often overlook the importance from the people as a whole and they often magnify the deeds of an few privileged men. The political sycophants haven’t any other technique of reaching all pages of History. The historians feel that their labor in recording titles and tortures serve the explanation for National unity and security and they also are helped by political sycophants:

“Political sycophants are their aides
On whose beguiling predictions
They fire eat and perform
The Japanese fire-walk shows
To dazzle the already dazed.” (A.R, 40)

However political leaders and sycophants forget which the tyrants and blood suckers need to face a fall:

“Too much suppression and a lot of politicking
Ferments its very own defeat
Forcing the masses to forge
In the smithy with their conscience
The invisible weapons in their conscience
The invisible weapons of the fall
Crowning shame for the foreheads of tyrants
And nailing bitter truths
On the crossroads times.” (A.R.41)

‘Beggars can Be Choosers’ is often a remarkable poem the location where the poet extends his sympathy with the poor, homeless deceased and propounds that begging will not be an evil as the ones that are harbored by shallow careerists, dare devil smugglers and cheating blackmarketeers. The beggars are away on the ailment of tension, alienation and decrease in identity plus the poet concludes:

“All my humanitarian approach
Seemed a snarl to me
And my reformist fervor a celluloid zeal
Little realizing that beggars is also choosers
And little less apprehending
The way you can misread one another
To keep our irrational forms going
That in endless deceit
End the shapes of our own destiny.” (A.R, 43)

Similarly, in another poem ‘Thoughts on A Election Day’ is an additional poem of political consciousness the place that the poet ridicules and paints an incredibly vivid and realistic picture of ignorant voters and literate officials as follows:

“The ignorant voters of their routine
Queue up day-dreaming
And within a passion of an second
Get rid with their oscitant indecision
Stamping symbols males.
With a small number of literates
Sealing illiterate favours in steel boxes
And recording the proud area of poll
A quite reigns in the polling booths
Like mourners retired off their obsequies.” (A.R., 46)

The wish for new political miracles after such democratic phenomena in every single five year is finely portrayed with the poet who needs to say that Democracy is nothing nevertheless the ugly face oppression and injustice.

The fourth number of verse Oneric Visions indirectly muses above the themes of politics wherein several fragments linked to political consciousness are scattered inside volume. For example within the poem ‘If One Starts Asking Questions like Hamlet’ the poet provides a reference to politics:

“The fanatic erect marbles statues
Of their transient heroes
On the evanescent route of times-
Some whispering revolution
Others proclaiming peace-
Leaving the regular man
To elbow sun with sun-shades.” (O.V. 25)

In ‘Who is Afraid of Fear’ the poet’s idea regarding the magnitude of evils that tell in regards to the nature of politics is expressed through the poet:

“Up rise the ghost of smugglers
Hoarders, hooligans and holy-idlers
In a saucy denial in their treason
And evoke the deformed apparitions
Of the men who wanted to rule
Or the guy who just couldn’t be men
And being a Shikhandi shielded
The shadow of sin

Branding sun complain of gout
Bent having an aging dream
Wiping morals like beauty
Scrapped by actors with cold cream.” (O.V., 35)

The Gandhian thought of non-violence can be quite well expressed inside the poem ‘Non-Niolence and Violence’. Like Gandhi, Bhatnagar feels that even non-violence have their own limits:

“If one strikes you once
I invite him to make it happen again:
If one will be taking off your shirt
Offer him to clear out whatever remains.” (O.V., 35)

But it just isn’t practically non-violence but a dearth of wisdom rather the poet suggests:

“With ideals folded like umbrella
One may keep them for just a rainy day
And enjoy violence for fun
But the wrinkled dialectic of violence
Is a tad too monotonous
Putting the ikebana of horror
Unrelieved and unpossessed
Of for good business of humour
Worth the while.” (O.V., 43)

The collection Shadows in Floodlight has several poems of depth and observation the place that the poet becomes philosophical in addition to analytical. In the poem ‘Of Poverty, Revolutions and Dreams’ the poet upholds rightly:

We cannot value poetry than its contents
Like vice greater than its purity
And frustrations behave a wfore:
For poetry in itself can be a revolution
Undreamt of in dreamt undreams.” (S.F., 17)

But in another poem ‘The Living Scene’ the poet is definitely the picture of recent India saying:

“The living scene within my country
Is worth only for that granite eyes
Insensitive and resilient
For our visions to unfold.” (SF,20)

And he adds:

“it’s a scene where utopia and epic
Are merging in to a palpable chaos
Adventure overrunning freedom
Gangsterism whipping justice,
Politics keeping dignity captive
Inaction to stop thought.” (ibid)

The sixth collection The Audible Landscape has ample poems relevant to political consciousness where the poet vocalizes and reflects the actual scenario on the Nation as well as its people. For example, the initial poem reflects the slavish mentality with the people whorrrre ready to suffer without setting up a sigh. The Nation has grown to be coward along with the malady is beyond all treatment. The poet says:

“The self enslaving slaves are ruled
By glad ghosts.” (AL, 9)

And he adds:

“When slavery is loved being a rhetoric to survive
Rendering both Cervants and Dostoyevsky futile
Conceits of cowards need no therapist
Nor freedom a Marx or maybe a Gandhi to recover.”(p.9)
He mirrors our predicament saying:
“A prisoner is much more free than those
Who don’t have any freedom extending its love to dream.” (ibid)

Almost the exact same tone is continued inside next poem ‘The Walls of Prison house Remain’. Bhatnagar writes:

“We’ve broken the chains of slavery
The walls of prisonhouse remain.” (AL, 10)

The following extract through the poem mirrors the plight with the Indians:

“Our despair is just not because
There is less revolution
But little change.”(ibid)
“Even now we look for leaders to follow
God to deliver us his grace:
We’re frightened of speaking the truth
And resisting whatever is unjust
Foul and corrupt in your bones.”(ibid)
What a fun they have that we took phrases for reality forgetting all resistance and protest. Bhatnagar says:
“Long caged in slavery
We’ve become like circus lions
Incapable of freedom in emotions
Became each of our prisonwalls.” (.A.L. p.11)

The third poem inside volume ‘Can Facts Be Destroyed By Ideas, highlights the certainty which can’t be destroyed by ideas the what are known as cat politics cannot play the experience of hide and seek for any long time. The poet writes:

“Yesterday these people were the desires tomorrow
Today they are definitely the memories of past-
Villages to switch heaven:

The unsheltered resting in villas:
Morals for being as firm as mountains:
With he hungry feeding with the Taj-
All this really is history now of politics
That enrich country with poverty such long.” (AL, 12)

The poet concludes saying:

“Even poets at the moment are weary of dreams
Readt like Caligula to depart
Let struggle revive to produce up for that loss
In art turn material hostile to art.”(ibid)

In this collection you will discover number of poems like ‘Still Questions’, ‘The New Morality’, ‘The Second Coming’, ‘On Seeing Rashtrapati Bhavan’, ‘Displacement More Spacious’, ‘That Space’ and ‘The Second Conversion’ the location where the poet indicates the foils and foibles of our own character and is definitely the snapshot from the suffering humanity and reveling a naked of contemporary life Bhatnagar efforts to reform the existing scenario and motivates us to combat against injustice and humiliation.
The last collection Cooling Flames of Darkness (2001) has also numerous poems of political interest when the poem ‘The Janus Faced Politician’ is remarkable. The poet starts saying:

“Who says you will need yellow sweat and suffering
To be a leader these fruitful days!
It’s now faience with all of imperfections
To charm the innocent unequals
With more charming handicaps
Way laying day-dreams by faldage
With deceptive drawings of fain hopes.( CFD, 17)

The farcical face of Indian politics as well as the imposters called politicians are sketched through the poet so well. Bhatnagar urges us:

“So, watch a hardcore bandit
A seasoned-green kidnapper
A smart murderer: a high-fi smuggler
A high moving scamster
Talk glib on television
Or dictate his undercover turns
To the twice beleaguered people
Voting him to power with little choice
Democracy forcing its strategy to a farce. (CFD, 18)

The poem ‘Ravaged Children of The Civilized Times’ shows most of the outer conflicts from the world the location where the people with the modern times tend to be indulged in cancerous violence, sins and crimes rather being ‘from the line from the best selling fiction:/ media blow-up on sight on internet’. Politicians resemble Cassius and Shakuni who’re fixing distant designs of personal power-park and therefore are ‘perambulating their nebulous dreams.’ According to him, politicians can never let the world alternation in its earlier glory. He says:

“We’re ravaged of civilized times-
Our limping spirits have their own own vexed truth:

Philosophers, physiologists or politicians aside
All fires end- find their glory in ashes:
And waters emptying themselves out
Through each of the mountain gashes. And
Howsoever much innocence may stand the test
By fire and water:
Violence won’t ever lost its radiance
The woes of innocence their cold surrender.
May function as return on the tenderness of heart
Lies through bestiality, faxed all within the world
The text in the authenticity unchanged.” (CFD,14)

Likewise, in ‘The Primitives of The Age’, the poet imagines greater ghasty mishappenings as well as the overgrowth with the ghost of dirty politics:

“Come one, come all
Come hyenas or wolves
The inlaid roots will force
Their trampled capability to fresh shoots
And survive the grizzly undergrowth
In a whole new grace in their old salons
Tesing the civilized into their

Much biting teeth.” (CFD,16)

In ‘Looking At My Solitude’ the poet attempts to unburden himself through the agonies of your energy but finds solace nowhere and says:

“For the agony of it
Philosophy, music or poetry
May only half-persuade the fine taste
To savour the flavors of solitude
In good taste and trust:
For, the bitter at best can turn
Only less bitten not sweeter still.” (CFD, 36)

Thus, from your above narration it really is revealed that Bhatnagar’s poetry costs nothing from each of the movements of Rightist or Leftist nor it’s got any relation with any particular widely accepted idea or ideology rather with a depiction of reality crystal-clearly and narration of truth in pictorial and vividly. The Religion of Bhatnagar’s poetry is love and peace. His poetic creed is basically human and kind. He seems being a true advocate of simplicity when he states:

“Poetry at its best can be a clear along with a simplified version on the complex along with the confused for there are few things more transcidental after dark creative simplicity of poetry. Poetry wins not by its snobbishness but by its simplicity. Simple poetry could be the poetry of togetherness. If more Indian folks are to read poetry in English then it requires to get common and accessible and related on the living human concerns from the times than mere to words, animals, damsels and sex.” (FD, 122)

Therefore, we are able to say that Bhatnagar has treated the politics as metaphor in their poetry and the poetry has built itself since the clarion call of awakening from the present milieu of political darkness.